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This site is hosted by Kathy Bee, the TV Talk Show Host of Touching Lives With Kathy Bee, a weekly TV cable show that's been airing in the Southern California area since 1999.

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"You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing."  — Dale Carnegie

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JV Gold Mastermind Group
The JV Gold Mastermind Group is an amazing support system for people who have made a decision to work on Joint Venture projects with others as well as being organized, self-movated and responsible, reliable partners.

Internet Marketing For Women
Tools, tips, free zone, useful information for women who want to market on the internet.

Free Step-By-Step Selling Tips
Have you become frustrated trying to create an e-book then sell your e-book or anything else over the vast internet? Are you inundated by e-mails, special offers,
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Today's Senior
Informative, useful site for people who are 50 & over, who want to learn more about business, health and social relationships.

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Website Tips
A website is more than a just a place to sell…it is also a place to make a statement about who you are and what you do. Click on the link above and get some help with your Website!

Business Opportunities
Have you ever heard a successful person say “I first imagined what I wanted and I never gave-up. Then I achieved my goal.” You too can achieve your dreams. Find out more information.

The Healthy Years

Do you take vitamins? Here's some information about a new way to eliminate swallowing pills.

Fun Sites
Most people like to have a great time and the
internet has sites that you can do just that. Click here and check out what's available to entertain you.

10 Items That Keep You On Track When It Comes To Marketing
If you're planning on selling your items or doing any kind of product marketing on the internet...then check out these valuable tips about keeping focused!

Checklist For Your New Internet Business
I realize how difficult it is to get started and to start selling on the internet so I created a simple checklist that I use when I'm launching a new product.

Financial Freedom Kathy Bee's 10 Easy Steps
If you have ever considered going into business for yourself but have no clue what you would like to do or how to go about it...here's the book for you.

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Kathy Bee Bio Learn about the singer/songwriter/TV host who does it all and keeps it going.

P.R. Productions Information about the multi-media company that believes in promoting your company on the internet, on TV, networking and through newspaper campaigns.


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